M. Usman age 10 years, R/o Charrar Village near DHA. He is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. In a treatment period of 6 weeks at Ganj Baksh Hospital his finger joints which were swollen and distorted have shown marked improvement. The pain has markedly decreased and his finger movements are returning to normal. He is being given physiotherapy, wax therapy and is also being supported by occupational therapy.
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Case
Spinal Cord Injury Case
Plastic and Orthopedia Surgery Case
Fahad Hussain, age 10 years, R/o District Faisalabad, before leaving with his Father; saying goodbye to his pet rabbit.
Fahad had suffered traumatic brain injury (TBI) after he fell from the roof top. Unconsciousness and internal bleeding left him with severe articulation and comprehension problem resulting in mental delay. He was admitted in the live-in programme and was administered speech and psychological therapies alongwith physiotherapy and neurological surveillance. He improved miraculously. He was then sent for mainstream schooling within his community.
Muhammad Zahid, age 35 years married with 4 children R/o District Narowal had received a spinal cord injury at C 3 – 4 (cervical level). He was bed ridden and unable to move at all, when he was brought to Ganj Baksh Hospital. He had UTI, bedsores, contractures, acute general weakness and extremely negative mind set harboring suicidal thoughts. Under an intensive rehabilitation and treatment plan he improved speedily. His family was allowed to stay with him during his treatment tenure.
On completion of his rehabilitation he could partially stand on his feet with the help of support as above and was mentally a changed man!
Sajid Iqbal, age 15 years R/o District Okara had badly managed resistant wound which had created severe contractures deforming his lower limbs. Quacks in his village advised his family to get his leg amputated! At Ganj Baksh Hospital a complete diagnostic checkup was conducted and tests were carried out. He was advised orthopedic surgery and skin grafting. His treatment was complex and involved our referral services. He was completely rehabilitated and could walk independently.
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