“…. My son suffered a Spinal Cord Injury at the age of 18. This personal suffering added new dimensions to my efforts. I was introduced to the world of misery of the physical disabled. I was rudely awakened to a dire nation-wide need. The inadequate rehabilitation facilities available in the country, the indifference of the society towards the physical disabled is shocking!”
                Ms. Azra Khayal
         Founder Chairperson
Is to create a model system for the care of the physically challenged people in Pakistan. Our vision has materialized in the form of Ganj Baksh Spinal Research & Rehabilitation Hospital where people with different disabilities are being reinitiated into the mainstream life as dignified and useful individuals. All this is being done with profound feelings of care and concern.
May God be with us to do more!
International recognition of Ganj Baksh Hospital by NSCIA as a Middle East Resource for Rehabilitation
Television Documentary on Ganj Baksh Hospital.
Important Facts about Ganj Baksh Hospital

Ganj Baksh Hospital is a trust hospital treating people free of cost.
The reason for creating Ganj Baksh Hospital has been stated above.
Ganj Baksh Hospital is not being funded by any national or international government, group or agency and has no religious or sectarian affiliation.
We are motivating the society through our work.
By the grace of Allah the Almighty our donor memberships are increasing.
We invite you to join hands with us to share this caring and feel the satisfaction of bringing these wilted flowers into bloom!
"International Recognition for Ganj Banksh Spinal Research & Rehabilitation Hospital - by National Spinal Cord Injury Association of America (NSCIA)"
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